Thursday, June 23

On the Move

Liam immediately put his new crawling skills to
work at Gymboree.
And so it begins. This week Liam went mobile and started crawling. His technique at the moment is interesting--one might describe it as a "leap frog" or "limping pirate" crawl. I think it's a result of his repeated attempts to stand up. He frequently lifts his butt in the air and stands on his hands and feet, but he can't quite manage to pull upright yet. So, when he crawls, he gets up on one knee and takes off crawling that way. It is awesome, entertaining, and scary to watch. Now that Liam is starting to get around, he is learning about gravity very quickly (and has a couple of wee bruises to show for it). Actually, crawling is one of the safer ways he gets around. He also likes to pull himself up while hanging on to whatever is within reach and then let go, even though he has all of the balance of a drunken sailor attempting to perform a gymnastic beam routine. If he continues to attempt pulling up and standing with such determination, I think it's possible he could be cruising or even walking by the time he's ten months old. (He's nearly eight months old now.)

Liam offers one last smile for Mommy before taking off
across the room.

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