Wednesday, April 20

A Trip Home

This post is long overdue, but better late than never, right?At the beginning of April Eric, Liam, and I made a trip to Illinois. We had a dual purpose--to attend the American Research Center in Egypt conference in Chicago and to introduce Liam to my family.  Eric spent most of his time in Chicago at the conference, while I took Liam down to my hometown of Neoga to spend some time with my family. I look forward to ARCE every year, but this year was special because it was Liam's first trip to my hometown. Although he won't remember this trip, I will, and I'm thankful I had the opportunity to get away from work and spend some time in Illinois for the first time since Liam was born. I'm proud of my country roots, and I hope that as he grows up, Liam will learn to love an appreciate the country, even if only because it's where his mom comes from. I have to say, Liam proved to be a great little traveler. Sure, he had his moments, but overall he did wonderfully. I have no idea when we will be flying again, but I can only hope he does as well in the future as he did on this trip!

Eric, Liam, and I at the ARCE conference in Chicago.

Just chillin'.

Four generations: Grandma Mary, my mom, myself, and Liam.

During our trip Liam got the hang of sitting on his own.

Four generations: My Grandma and Grandpa Myers, my dad, myself, and Liam.

Oh, and Liam got to meet his "cousin," Rue.
This was his first time meeting a puppy, so the encounter was brief!