Thursday, July 7

A Busy Week

Liam turned eight months old on July 5th.
 The 4th of July weekend came with plenty of California sunshine, chasing the last of the so-called "June gloom" away. Eric, Liam, and I spent the weekend visiting his family in Redondo Beach, enjoying a couple of days off together. In order to cover our child care needs, Eric and I have arranged opposite work schedules, so it is a special treat when we are both off on the same day. Our plans weren't overly ambitious, given Liam's bedtime of 7 p.m. (give or take) and neither of us had any inclination to brave the huge crowds flocking to the beach to see fireworks. A little family time and a little barbecue was just right for our Independence Day holiday this year.

Liam and Daddy getting ready to hit the kiddie pool.
Since the weather was so nice, Liam and his cousins got to spend some playtime in the kiddie pool. On Eric's side of the family, Liam has three cousins: Genevieve (almost 11), Jeffery (almost 3), and Abigail (almost 1 and a half). Since he is the youngest and can't walk yet, Liam's playtime experience with Jeffery and Abigail sometimes resembles that of a hapless chipmunk who has wandered onto a busy freeway. For now, that is. It's only a matter of time before he will be able to hold his own among all of that youthful chaos!

Liam plays around while we wait for the sunscreen
to soak in before hitting the pool.
Liam and Mommy sporting their red, white, and blue
for the 4th of July.
Liam loved the kiddie pool. He's still kind of wobbly, so Daddy got in
with him to make sure a pair of steadying hands were always nearby.

As it turns out, these pictures of toothless smiles will be among the last. These smiles were captured only three days ago, but in that short time Liam's first tooth started to break through. Last night he was particularly restless, and this morning I spotted a definite hint of a pearly white tooth when he smiled. 

Two milestones in a matter of days--it's been a busy week!

Mommy and Daddy are big fans of Liam's toothless, squishy-face smiles.

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