Friday, June 10

As Summer Was Just Beginning

June has been fun so far. Last Saturday Eric and I took Liam to his first Gymboree class. It looked like it was something fun and social to do with him, so we thought we would give it a try. Liam seemed to enjoy it, although the playtime will be more fun for him once he is mobile. At the moment his age group is working on "ramps and inclines," encouraging the babies to work those chubby limbs trying to crawl up them. My only complaint about Gymboree thus far is that their mascot is Gymbo the clown. Why does it have to be a clown? I hate clowns.

Over the past month Liam has perfected his ability to get up on his hands and knees. When he gets up on them now he rocks back and forth like he's spinning his wheels, ready to speed away, but he has yet to take off crawling. I keep asking Eric to help me plan how we're going to babyproof our apartment, but he's not all that motivated. It reminds me a lot of how hard it was to convince him that we needed to have the nursery ready before the baby was born. Why is it always so difficult to convince men to act ahead of time rather than wait until inevitable (and eminently foreseeable) events are upon you?

Liam and Mommy at his first Gymboree class.
Liam and Daddy at Gymboree.
Currently the class is working on inclines and ramps.
The view from the mat.
Another view from the mat.
In other news, on June 5th Liam turned seven months old. Time is moving so fast! In a matter of months he won't be a baby anymore, and we will plunge headlong into the toddler years. It's fun and amazing and sweet to watch him grow and change. Over the last few weeks his curiosity has caught fire, and he reaches and grabs for anything that comes within reach of his tiny little hands. The little bugger notices everything, too. There's no pulling a fast one on this baby anymore--once he caught on to the concept of object permanence, it was all over. He may not see Mommy's necklace or the remote control anymore, but he knows it's there somewhere and he's going to look and look until he finds it! Once this tireless curiosity is combined with mobility...well, Lord help us.

June 5th - Seven months old!
In the Outer Peristyle Garden at the Getty Villa.
Coming after the camera--more often than not this is what
I see now when I try to take a picture of Liam.


  1. The only necessary babyproofing ahead of time is the cabinets with the chemicals/cleaners, anything low-lying that is breakable, and stairs. He probably won't get into EVERYYYYYYTHING... but babyproof what he tends to go after. With Ben, there were a lot of things we actually didn't need to babyproof b/c he just didn't have interest in them!

  2. True, there will be things we won't have to worry about... We have A LOT in the living room that is right on Liam's level, though--Eric's game consoles, cords, controllers, etc. Our coffee table has a lower level that we need to clear of anything Liam shouldn't have, and I need to figure out what the best (that is, the most practical) way to babyproof the table's edges would be.