Monday, February 13

Leaps and Bounds

Liam's development continues to move ahead in leaps and bounds. Last week he suddenly started doing a number of new things, and it became clear to us that he now understands much of what we say. The new development that I appreciate the most is his budding sense of humor. He has started giggling (on his own, without prompting) at what he thinks is funny or looking at us for a laugh when he does something he thinks we should find funny. Baby giggles are a great cure for work day grumbles. He is also fond of standing next to furniture or a doorway and "hiding," then telling us "Boo!" This game is one of his favorites because when he says boo, we say "Ahh!" Something else he recently picked up is kissing his hand and saying "Mwah!" when he sees someone leaving. The other day he sent me off to work with a "Mwah!" and it totally made my day. (Yes, I have tried to get it on video, but as soon as the camera comes out, he is far more interested in the camera than doing what I'm asking him to do. Just give me some time...) Of course his "no" is getting even more discernible and emphatic. He also waves and says "hi" or "haaaeee" sometimes, and it has been fun to see him start mimicking things like talking on a cell phone or wiping the coffee table (he sees Mommy do that a lot). Now is the time to become a lot more self-conscious about bad habits...

It's hard to believe all of that was just last week! Who knows what this week will bring? Pretty soon he will be picking things up so fast I won't be able to keep up an inventory on his new skills. If he continues at this pace, we may be able to hold little one or two-word conversations with him before long. He recently had his 15 month "well baby" check-up with the pediatrician, and she seemed pleased to see that Liam was right on schedule with his development. He checked in at 22 lbs. and 31.5 inches, which means he gained 3 lbs. and grew a whopping 1.5 inches in the three months since his last appointment. If the boy didn't burn so many calories buzzing around every day I'm sure he would have gained more--he eats like he has two hollow legs. Liam may be long and skinny, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. Since he hit the 15 month mark we have entered another round of teething, which means Eric and I are sleeping less. Those almost nightly rounds of pacing the floor with a crying baby are a continual lesson in patience and sleep deprivation. They have also convinced me (yet again) that caffeine was specially invented for exhausted parents!

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