Monday, February 27

Catch Him If You Can

As I mentioned in my last post, Liam is picking things up at an amazing pace. His words aren't always complete or articulate, but he's learning. "Dah" for dog and "Cah" for cat are coming through pretty consistently and clearly. We also hear "yaaaaay"  and hand-clapping a lot during playtime. Naturally, he chooses to do cute things when my video camera is no where in sight, but over the weekend I managed to capture a few moments on video. I'm afraid these videos aren't of the best quality--even when I have my camera in hand, Liam often complicates things by trying to grab the camera or becoming cranky and frustrated with Mommy because she won't surrender the camera--but there the best I could manage.

It was fleeting, but I managed to get him to "blow kisses" for this video.

Liam does some "jumping" in this one. Don't get excited--his version of "jump" is to just kick his leg out. He may not get off of the ground, but he has fun with it!

Here I was attempting to get him to hold my cell phone to his ear and say, "Haaaaiii," which he's fond of doing, but since he already had the cookie I suppose there was no real incentive for him to be cute for the camera...

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