Monday, March 24

California Sunshine

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day out here in SoCal. Naturally I was working (my schedule is Wed-Sun), but the sunshine outside kept me in high spirits. Since the day was so nice I took the kids on the family “Art Odyssey” tour out to the Villa herb garden to play the “herb garden game” instead of spending the time in the galleries. The kids really enjoyed running around the garden trying to find the herbs that were listed in the ancient Roman recipe I gave them. We gallery teachers also hid some brightly colored Easter eggs in one of our gardens. Inside were scavenger hunt clues people could use to track down a particular work of art in the galleries. I guess they did it last year and people really got a kick out of it.
In spite of the sunshine, I was happy to leave work and head to Eric’s parents’ house for Easter dinner. Eric, who specializes in cooking/roasting/grilling meat, had cooked a huge ham for dinner. As is always the case at a Wells family holiday meal, there was a TON of food. It was nice to hang out and chat for the evening and enjoy the weather. Eric is on his spring break this week, so I’m anticipating a spike in his video gaming hours (mercifully, happening mostly when I’m at work). This afternoon he played a few games of basketball with some of his fellow students and came limping home, tired but triumphant. His team won two of three games.
Today is the only day I have off until this weekend, so instead of running around doing chores like I usually do I went to a movie with a friend. We saw “Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day,” which we both really liked. Unfortunately this film is only being released in a limited number of theaters, so most of you who aren’t in L.A. probably aren’t near a theatre where it’s showing. But if you are, check it out! After the movie I treated myself to a leisurely trip to the bookstore and came out with a couple of new books I’m looking forward to reading. Most of the time I avoid the bookstore in favor of the library—I learned long ago that my reading habit far exceeds the capacity of my bookshelves, so the library is a great way to save coin and space—but today I felt like indulging the habit.
As is always the case with days off, today went much too quickly. Ah, well—there’s always this weekend!

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  1. I love your "weak, germ infested vessel" comment, especially since the stomach flu is going through my house. Abby, now Keith, and I'm hoping, praying, crossing my fingers, and sanitizing everything in site including door handles to try & stay healthy! I even forbid Keith to sit anywhere other than the sofa and kicked him to the spare bedroom! Wish me luck!
    Love the blog...