Wednesday, March 19

One word: Carpool

This week I paid $3.79 per gallon for gas. I think that about says it all. At this rate, L.A. will soon be seeing those $4 a gallon gas prices all of those news anchors have been warning about. Actually, anything other than regular unleaded is now over $4 at most gas stations around here. One word: carpool. The Getty already has a car pool incentive program in place, but with $4 a gallon gasoline there will be an incentive most people will sure as heck pay attention to. I don’t intend for this to be a introduction into a diatribe on the government, oil companies, and corrupt politics that led to this new stress on my wallet. I just want all of you who are out there where gas prices aren’t quite so bad to appreciate it. Trust me--it could be worse!

So, taking into consideration the cost of gas, I decided to get around on my own two feet on my day off. Now that daylight savings time has returned I’ve been taking advantage of the extra daylight hours to walk around my neighborhood. We live close to a community park, so there are plenty of good sidewalks to take advantage of (not always the case in L.A.). I find it very relaxing to plug into my iPod and hit the pavement. Now that the weather is warming up we are having some beautiful afternoons around here. I even managed to put in a good walk Monday afternoon even though I’m currently suffering from a cold and a sore throat courtesy of Eric (a weak, germ-infested vessel). Copious amounts of honey vanilla chamomile tea and a few restful hours curled up with a book by one of my favorite authors seem to be helping. I did everything short of hosing Eric down with Lysol to avoid getting this stupid cold, but it was hopeless.

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