Wednesday, November 2

Liam's First Halloween

My little baby bat.

This was Liam's first Halloweeen, and he went as a little baby bat. Thankfully his baby costume was soft and comfy, so he tolerated wearing it very well. The only thing he eventually started tugging at a lot was the hood, because it kept falling down over his eyes. It was a chilly evening along the coast when we went out trick or treating, so I was glad he had such a fleecy and warm costume.

He wore his new boots, which didn't seem
to hamper his walking at all.
Is it time to trick or treat yet?
This was the best picture we could get of the two of us.
He doesn't stay still for a minute these days!

Of course Liam has no idea what Halloween or trick or treating is, but the folks in the neighborhood enjoyed having such a cute trick-or-treater stop by. We went trick-or-treating with his cousins Genna (11 years old), Abigail (~20 months), and Jeffery (almost 3 years old). I let Liam down to walk as much as I could, but all he wanted to do is take off in all directions, so I ended up carrying him most of the time. Since Liam can't eat most candy yet, we only covered a block or two before calling it a night. It was getting chilly and it wasn't easy hauling my squirmy little bat around--all of the kids out in costume, the lights, and decorations had him excited and all he wanted was to get down and explore.
Jeffery the Cop, Abigail the Angel, and Liam the Bat (as usual, more interested in the ground than anything else).
Mommy and Liam.

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