Saturday, October 8

Our New Home

It was a daunting task, but over one weekend we moved out of our old apartment and into our new one. It was a hectic and VERY long weekend, but now it is over and it is time to begin unpacking and settling in to our new home. Actually, although we still have a couple of stacks of boxes left (mostly books, of course!), I was able to  unpack most of our stuff over the past week or so. I tried to unpack a box or two each night after supper, so by the time my work week was through we were much closer to making our living room a box-free zone. Unpacking is definitely easier than packing, although it's a challenge deciding where things should go. Anything that is of questionable value to have around on a daily basis is now being relegated to our garage space. With the luxury of storing things in the garage, I find that our new closets are quite spacious. Even after everything is unpacked, I think we may still have a little room to spare.

We have been in our new place since the first of October. As you can see from the pictures, we are settling in, but we don't have our family pictures or other decorations up, so the walls still look rather bare. Once we have more homey things up, I'll take pictures of the other rooms, but for now the living room is the most settled. I admit that, looking at the empty apartment, I wasn't immediately sure how "liveable" the space would be for us, but the more we've settled in the cozier and homier it feels. In part that is what happens to a space with you fill it with your things, but Eric and I both agree that this apartment feels homey in a way that our other one never did. Why that is, I don't know, but there you have it. At first Liam was a bit wary of the new place, but after fifteen minutes or so of fussiness and confusion, looking around with wide eyes, he started puttering around and didn't look back. It's only been a few days, but so far everything that I thought I would like about the place is proving true, making the drawbacks fade into the background. I'm looking forward to continuing make the place our own and adding more homey touches, like getting our pictures and wall hangings up.

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