Sunday, March 6

Sweet Homecomings

Four months old!
This week marks my third week back at work, and I think at this point I can say that Eric, Liam, and I have found our routine.  For the most part, none of my fears have come to pass, and somehow all the necessities manage to get done.  Eric has done wonderfully so far running his daddy daycare and has done a lot to help me get routine household chores done.  The fact that everything at home is running smoothly helps me feel better about being away at work, and that feeling allows me to focus on work when I'm at the office.  Coming to the office makes me feel more organized, as well.  Since I'm up so early (most times around 5 a.m.) these days to feed and change Liam before coming to the office, I arrive at work very early.  That time alone before the workday begins, when the office is empty and quiet, is a luxury I use to pay bills and take care of administrative tasks I can't easily accomplish at home.  The work days fly by, and it is a sweet homecoming every day to come home to my husband and baby boy.

This month Liam learned to roll over.
Aside from the nasty cold that Liam and Mommy came down with last week, everyone is doing well.  Liam is now four months old.  He spent the month of February mastering the ability to roll over, so now almost every time we lay him down he rolls over onto his tummy.  He is also a very good supported sitter, but he loves to lean forward and turn sitting into rolling.  Once on his tummy, he can really get his legs pumping, but his arms aren't in on the action yet, so I think we have a few more weeks before he takes off crawling.  I'm reluctant to make any predictions, though--most of the time it seems he just wakes up one day and decides he wants to do something and just does it.  I half expect to lay him on his activity mat one day and turn around and find him crawling across the floor!

As for that cold I mentioned, it has been a vicious one.  I've not enjoyed being miserable at work--public speaking with a cough and cold is difficult, if not impossible sometimes--but it has been worse watching Liam deal with it.  I know common colds like this help him build his immune system, but I would gladly be sick for a whole month if it meant he could stay healthy.  We've done our best to help make him comfortable, and there's no doubt Liam has been a trooper--even though he's sick his smiles come as easily as ever.  Last night I pampered him with TLC like only a mommy can.  In the space of an hour, I had him bathed, fed, Desiten'd, baby oiled, Aquaphor'd, and Vicks vapo-rubbed. I gave him some Tylenol to take the edge off the aches and pains, and rocked him to sleep before putting him to bed in the bedroom with the humidifier.  Thankfully, for the most part he has been able to sleep at night in spite of the coughing, sneezing, and congestion. His regularly scheduled doctor's appointment is tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to the doctor's reassurances that this is just a cold and my baby will be his normal healthy self again soon.  

Rockin' his Disney pj's after a warm bath

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