Monday, November 29

Life with Liam: A New Reality

As anticipated, November 2010 has been an eventful month for Eric and I.  Our son, Liam Ryan, was born on November 5th at 4:15 p.m.  He weighed 8 lbs. 6.4 oz. and was 22.5 in. long.  Thankfully he has thrived from the beginning.  He was a fast learner when it came to nursing, and even though he is just over three weeks, he already weighs a bit over 10 lbs.  My recovery from the (unplanned) c-section is going well--Mom was in town long enough to help me get through the first two weeks when I was in most need of help, and now I'm operating at almost normal capacity.  My biggest challenge now is adjusting to the lack of sleep and constant care a newborn requires.  As challenging, stressful, and overwhelming as it can be at times adjusting to the new reality of life as a mom, I have to admit that Liam is a very good baby, so it's not been as challenging it might be otherwise.  So far in my experience as a parent I've found a lot of the generalizations about having a new baby are true:  sleep deprivation, going through more diapers than you thought humanly possible, doing laundry every other day, and believing absolutely that it's all worth it--have proven as true to my situation as for any other parent.

In short, there's a whole new reality settling on the Wells household.  I intend to post updates and pictures here as often as I can--that is to say, as often as Liam allows me the time to do so!

Liam and Mommy
Liam with Mommy and Daddy
His favorite sleeping position

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