Thursday, August 20

Quick Trip

Recently I was able to make a quick trip home to see friends and family. As always, it was good to be home. Naturally I arrived home just in time for the first serious wave of heat and humidity all summer. Figures! Although it was only a short visit, I was pleased that I had the chance to see quite a bit of family. Time always seems so short, and I guess it is, so I'm happy that in this case I was able to make the most of it.

Cousins: me, Lacy, Heather, and Erin

I will be home again at some point around the holidays, but exactly when is yet to be determined. For now it's back to work and the usual routine. Eric and I have birthdays within days of each other, so this coming week we'll be celebrating. I think we'll be going out to dinner for Eric's birthday, and mine will be celebrated a couple of days early with the premiere of Kara's "Out of Egypt" series on Monday. I'm planning an evening of friends, beer, pizza, MarioKart Wii, and "Out of Egypt." Sounds like a good time to me!

Erin and I

With Mom and Dad

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