Tuesday, March 10

Saving Daylight

While we may not be able to successfully save for retirement or anything else these days, at least we know we can still save daylight, eh? For weeks now I've been awaiting the return of Daylight Savings Time. I dislike losing an hour as much as anyone, but for me going through the fog of the time change is worth it to get that extra daylight in the evenings. It's nice to get off work and still have some daylight to burn. I especially like taking evening walks after work, and those are much more pleasant when it's still light outside. Although this week I'm feeling under the weather, I didn't let that stop me from spending some time outside. Aside from my daily walks, now that the promise of spring is beginning to be realized, I've been taking my work at the Villa outside as well. Sitting in the outdoor Classical theater in the sun with some reading is wonderfully relaxing.

I have a post planned for later this week on a new object in the galleries I recently discovered. The Villa only has two floors of galleries, so anytime I can find a "new" object in them to incorporate in my teaching, it makes my day. I look forward to sharing it with you. In the meantime, here are a few images from my week.

This is me playing around with reflections in the Cycladic gallery. I have no photographic talent whatsoever, but that does not stop me from having fun with my little Powershot.

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