Sunday, March 1

A Weekend at Big Bear

We closed the month of February with an escape from city for a long weekend in the mountains at Big Bear. This trip was not a romantic getaway for two, but rather a group trip with several friends. All told there were nine of us, plus little Ava and Lucy the dog. We stayed in a three-bedroom cabin and spent lazy hours playing board games, listening to music, enjoying some excellent California wines, and eating junk food.

In the past weeks there has been some significant snowfall in the mountains, so there was also plenty of fun to be had in the snow. Eric and Jason went snowboarding, Abby and Helen did some skiing, and on Saturday night some of us went night sledding at the Alpine Slide.

It had been awhile since I had experienced the rush of a downhill slide, eating snow kicked up by my boots, burning lungs (from the cold air), and a numb butt (from the cold snow). For about two hours we ran the loop of climbing the hill and sliding back down as fast as we could. It was the first time in a long time that my mind was completely distracted, free of the usual grown-up thoughts and worries, thinking of nothing but the fun of the moment. A good time was had by all. We left damp and numb (particularly in the posterior regions) from the cold, but returned to a toasty cabin where a spaghetti dinner awaited us. It's not often you have days as an adult which you would have enjoyed just as much as a ten year old, but that day was definitely one of them.

L to R: Elynar, me, Jason, Helen, Steve, and Nhu

L to R: Abby, Josiah, Ava, Steve, Nhu, Elynar, me, Eric, Jason, and Helen with Lucy

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