Monday, October 27


Okay, so I'm never writing about fighting germs again. Within twenty-four hours of my post on the subject, I discovered a germy viper in my own nest. Eric (a.k.a. the weakest link) had caught a dreaded rhinovirus, and in spite of my efforts to steer clear of him, there was no hope. When public speaking is a part of your job, one of the worst things to have is a head full of cotton and a sore throat. I managed to drag myself through the week with various Nyquil formulas, Chloraseptic, and cough drops. All in all, it was a relatively miserable week.

Today I'm off and I feel more like myself--just in time to do my chores and laundry for the week. Figures!

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  1. rhinoviruses are so cute...have you seen the giant stuffed microbes on I got my sister rhinovirus and the plague for christmas last year. :P