Saturday, August 9

A Random Moment

When I was a kid, one of my favorite shows was the detective show Cagney & Lacey. I haven't thought about that show for years, but this week I was reminded of it in the most random way when--of all things--a rum cake appeared in our office pantry with a note attached: "from T. Daly." After a moment recognition dawned--the rum cake was from Tyne Daly, who used to play Detective Mary Beth Lacey and who this summer is playing a role in the Villa's production of the ancient Greek play Agamemnon. Now who would have guessed that one of the actresses I was watching in my favorite t.v. show as a kid in Illinois would one day be in a production of an ancient Greek play put on by the museum I work at in Malibu and that I would run into her rum cake in the pantry? Go figure.

I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "Exactly how much rum was in that cake?" Of all the things to choose to write about, this seems a laughably unlikely subject. It was just one of those moments that made me think of how people are connected to each other and how those connections seem to manifest themselves in random things like, well, rum cake.

Perhaps, if you ponder the mystery of the rum cake connection long enough, you will discern the secrets of the Universe...

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