Wednesday, August 20


All things considered, I had a great (if hectic) visit home and I had some much needed time away from work, so all's well that ends well. For the most part I was running from the time I landed to the time I headed back to the airport for my return flight. After I arrived late Thursday, I went straight to a hair appointment. It's absolutely impossible to get a decent haircut out here without paying through the nose for it, so anytime I'm home I like to take advantage and get a decent haircut for a decent price. Never pass up a good opportunity, I say.

One of the definite highlights of my time at home was getting to hang out with some of my friends from high school. I know some of you older folks will balk, but it's been ten years since I graduated, and I find that somewhat amazing. Tempus really does fugit. Anyhow, my class reunion is going to be this coming weekend, but since Eric's 30th birthday is the same weekend, I have to miss it (freakin' husband...always throws a wrench in my plans...). So, while I was in town I attended a mini reunion and met up with Jenny, Summer, and Rhonda. Now, I can't speak for them, but I had a blast. My voice was hoarse at the end of the night from talking so much. What I find so great about these ladies is that all of those good qualities I saw in them as young women are now what's defined them as women. They are--if I may say so-- awesome. Here's the picture we snapped that night: Summer, Jenny, me, and Rhonda.

Aside from Friday night, the rest of my time at home was about visiting family. Here is a picture of me with my cousins when we met up for lunch: me, Heather, Lacy, Danielle, Erin, & Brandi--the really little one is Lacy's daughter Madison.

I was glad to get to see everyone and immensely enjoyed my time out of the city. As with all visits home, I was happy to come and sad to go, but this year I have Christmas at home, and that's something to look forward to now.

When I arrived back in the city Eric greeted me with a hot chai latte (my fav) and a spic and span apartment. I always make a big deal of the fact that before I leave town the joint is clean, and I want it in the exact same state when I return. Sure enough, I come home and all is neat and in order. I don't care what the books say--nagging works. :-) All kidding aside, though, what I'd like to think is that after nearly six years together Eric has just figured out coming home to a clean place makes me happy and less stressed.

Today I'm right back at the Getty. My time off has helped me recoup and recharge, so coming back to work isn't all that bad.


  1. The pic turned out great! I like the crop job :o) So glad you came to visit...I had so much fun!
    I can't wait to do it again!!
    Congrats on the baptism!!!!

  2. Hey, girlie! Glad to see you made it home safe and sound. Thanks for chopping off half my backside in the pic. It looks normal size now! Ha, Ha! I had an absolute blast with you girls. It was great to touch base with everyone again. It makes me sad to see you go, though. I would love to have you close by to hang out with on a regular basis. Maybe we can all catch up when you come home for the holidays. I have to agree, the same qualities that made us friends as children are even more amplified now. It's good to know some things, the important ones, don't change. I'm so glad we were able to catch up. Can't wait to see you again!
    P.S. chocadiles,chocadiles,chocadiles!!!

  3. Hey Amber you have comments... somebody is reading the blog and enjoying it. It was grest to see you and I was so glad I decided to come. Congrats on coming full circle with you family also. It si great that you have found that part of your life. I did hear we may have a wedding to come to in Sac town in a few years so I maybe able to come visit your new stomping ground!