Wednesday, June 25

So You Wanna Be an Egyptologist?

I recently stumbled across a video on YouTube featuring Kara. It was originally a part of a Discovery Channel special on "cool jobs." Obviously, they weren't necessarily featuring "cool jobs" at which you can make a decent living. :-) Here's the video:

They edited the video to make it look very daring and alluring (despite Kara's disclaimers), but Egyptologists Eugene Cruz-Uribe and Nigel Strudwick have a simpler, more realistic assessment posted on this page of FAQ's about how to be an Egyptologist:

"If you are looking into Egyptology to get rich, forget it. It won’t happen. If on the other hand you are passionate about Egyptology and are willing to work long years to finish the program with only small chances of getting a full time job at a University, then by all means follow your passion."

Follow your passion is excellent advice--and if your journey turns out to be anything like mine, you'll find that it leads to some very unexpected and unforgettable places.

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  1. did you really just use the word peeps hehe