Saturday, June 21

Greco-Roman Egypt at the Villa

For all of you in the L.A. area who may also have an interest in ancient Egypt, head's up: This July I'm giving a three-hour course on religion in Greco-Roman Egypt and there are spaces still available. Spread the word to those you know who might be interested. Here's the course description:

Religion in Greco-Roman Egypt, Wednesday July 23, 2008, 1 pm - 4 pm, Meeting Rooms, Getty Villa. Explore the religious milieu of Greco-Roman Egypt in this three-hour gallery course. An illustrated lecture by gallery teacher and Egyptian scholar Amber Wells precedes a tour of the galleries, where Museum objects help to explain and illuminate the religious beliefs of this fascinating period of Egyptian history. Course fee $20.

Interested parties can sign up online at this link. Just scroll down the page until you see the listing and click the "make a reservation" button.

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