Monday, January 18


As Connor gets older and Liam becomes more independent, I've tried to get back into projects and activities I put aside when I got pregnant with Connor. One of those projects is digital scrapbooking. I used to scrapbook the old fashioned way, but there's no way I have the space--or the cash--to do that nowadays. So, I do the 21st century version and create a digital scrapbook online and order a hard copy when it's finished. 

This month I completed the kids' 2015 yearbook, but I have a lot of catching up to do--2013, 2014, and Connor's baby book. Not to mention I want to keep up with current projects like Liam's TK yearbook and the 2016 yearbook. Working on it as the year progresses is the way to go, of course, but that's easier said than done. It takes a lot of work to document precious memories, but it will be worth it...right?

I also have a stack of books I want to read, I'd like to continue adding to the online version of my Egypt journals, and pursue my personal genealogical research. And write--journal, fiction, poetry. And create art--draw and color and continue my sketchbook. There is so, so much I want to do--things I can do outside of parenting that feed my soul and sooth my mind and make me a better person and parent because of it. There just aren't enough hours in the day...

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