Wednesday, January 1

Wish List - 2014 Edition

It seems I write an entry like this nearly every year. I wouldn't say I have New Year's resolutions--just a wish list of goals for the year. Some will be more fully realized than others, but the important thing to me is to at least reflect and think about ways to improve. So here's my wish list of goals, in no particular order:

GET HEALTHY -- After spending the most part of the last year pregnant, I'm looking forward to losing some of the pregnancy weight and shaping up a bit. I don't have the time or the resources to turn my pregnancy-ravaged body into a Hollywood standard, but I CAN get moving with the kids and get exercise
that way. Before I was pregnant I did a pretty good job of getting out for walks and trips to the park with Liam, and I'd like to get back into that habit. Alongside this goal is my desire to have healthier food around the house.

GET ORGANIZED -- I want to do more activities with the kids--both physical and educational. Reading and writing for Liam, trips to the park and other outings to museums, etc. for my part I'd like to read more and write more--at least write more in my journal, if nothing else. (As this blog attests, I am at best only an occasional blogger...)

GET TOGETHER -- Both Eric and I are happy with the family aspect of our life together, but I think we'd both agree it could be benefit from some time spent working on "us."

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