Sunday, July 21

Odds and Ends

Yesterday I did my first lecture for an Art Muse LA (ALMA) course at ESMoA (El Segundo Museum of Art). It was for a class on nudity in Western art and presented as a supplement to a nudity themed exhibition at ESMoA and the Villa's antiquities collection. My lecture covered nudity in the ancient Mediterranean (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome) and was based on a recycled PowerPoint I created for a similar lecture I gave while I was an educator at the Villa. My goal is to see how many times I can use it to make money! 😉 The lecture went well and Clare (ALMA's director) seemed pleased with my work. I had fun, too. I really do enjoy giving talks about ancient history, and I'm grateful I still have the opportunity to do it in some capacity.

Today Eric is over doing chores for his grandma, and I am home with Liam. Sometime around mid-day I was taken over with a nesting urge, and I decided how I want to rearrange the kids' room. I think I can
make some good improvements cheaply as well as prepare the space to have newborn/infant stuff in it again. Soon we will get a toddler bed for Liam so he will be adjusted to it long before we need the crib for a
baby again. I have no idea if he will take to it or not, but we will give it a try. If he doesn't make the change right away we can get by for awhile since the new baby will be with me in my room for at least the
first three months. So, we have some leeway when it come to converting Liam to a "big boy" bed.

For half of my life I've kept a journal. It has always been a handwritten journal, and I've always loved picking out a new journal each time I need a new one. However, in today's 21st century world, whether it is blogging or whatever else, I most often write on the computer or some other digital form. For a few years now I've tried to have both and write my computer typed entries into my handwritten journal. As much as I love my handwritten journal, I know I'm not writing as much in it because of the extra time it takes to hand copy the typed entries into handwritten form. On an impulse I downloaded a journaling app on my phone, and already I've written more in only a few days. I can export my entries to my computer in PDF form, so there is a way for me to archive them. Since I'm writing more, I'm going to continue to give this new methodology a try--even though I'm still tempted to write them out long-hand in my paper journal. But can I justify that time as a pregnant mother of a two-year-old? Thus, my dilemma: I love the paper journal, but the convenience and speed of the digital option suits the life of a busy mom.

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