Tuesday, August 7

Within These Halls

Ancient survivors are gathered protectively within these historic halls.
Made elite by the accident of their preservation, here representatives of earthly alien
   civilizations stand sentry;
Objects peculiar and enigmatic to the crowds of gazers who float directionless and dazed
   through the cool airy corridors and vaulting galleries.
In this exceptional place aloof remnants of remote pasts, though silent, actively seek
   to live again in mortal imaginations.
Most passing minds remain dark; the murmuring gazers are nearly all cursory
   in their explorations.
Pallid, rigored bodies of cold marble, bronze festering with inexorable green decay, and
   jagged shards—the orphaned red and black wreckage of once-elegant flowing clay lines—
Remain insensible and meaningless under fleeting, incurious glances.
And yet the survivors are not frustrated in their pursuit.
A skilled and studied few walk among the gazers, speaking history, sparking understanding
   and recognition and igniting new, living meanings in the minds of those who draw near.
The very breath of their words resuscitates these ruined remnants of past centuries, and the
   survivors breathe once more.
If only for a moment, the passions, beauties, terrors, and toils of a distant and dead antique
   live again.

August 2012

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