Wednesday, August 11

Entering the Home Stretch

Well, we've finally entered the home stretch.  Today marks the beginning of the third trimester--approximately 84 days to go!  Without question, this pregnancy has gone extremely well up to this point...which is why the start of the final trimester has me feeling a bit trepidacious.  Since things have gone so well so far, I figure that must mean I'm in for it in the last twelve weeks.  Thanks to my increasingly heavy belly and regular backaches, my nights have been more restless in the past week than they have for most of the second trimester.  On top of that, I've been noticing subtle signs that the fatigue I experienced in the first trimester is gradually making a comeback.  Considering how energetic I've felt in the past few months, I'm in a bit of denial about it, but in this case I don't think mind is ultimately going to win out over matter.

As for the baby, all indications are that he's doing very well.  On my last visit the doctor seemed pleased to hear that the little guy is very active.  The baby has his quiet times throughout the day and night, but he spends a lot of time rockin' and rollin' around in there.  It's amazing how quickly I got used to seeing my belly quivering and twitching.  He's even getting big enough now that--depending which side he occupies at the time--you can see a subtle lopsidedness in my belly.  So far he seems to prefer the right side, which probably explains why that's the side of my lower back which aches the most...

This week Eric and I are off to my home state of Illinois for my sister's wedding.  Erin and Ethan's big event is planned for Saturday, so last-minute preparations are in full swing.  I'm sure with everybody pitching in here and there everything will come off well.  The main point of suspense from my perspective is this:  Will my bridesmaid dress still fit by Saturday?  I waited as long as I could to get the alterations done so that the dress could be fitted as well as possible.  Really, it seems I did a good job all those months ago predicting my size at around seven months pregnant, and although the dress isn't a maternity dress, the style and length of it are about as flattering to a pregnant body as you could hope for.  The only part that has me worried is the bust.  My bust line, jacked up on hormones, has expanded with eye-popping speed the past few months.  Every time I think it has stabilized for the time being, I'm proven wrong.  So, here's hoping that I can get through the next few days without bursting the bust of my bridesmaid dress!

Concerns about bridesmaid dresses and bust lines aside, I am looking forward to spending some time back home in Illinois.  Since so many people will be coming together for the wedding, it will be a chance for me to see a lot more family than I usually get a chance to see on an ordinary visit.  With only three months left before the baby is born, this will be my last trip home for awhile, so I plan to have a good visit and enjoy my time away from work and the city.

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