Monday, January 4

A New Year

Well, the holidays are a thing of the past, the new year is here, and it's time to get back to a routine daily existence. My first order of business was to take down the Christmas tree, an annual ritual of carefully packing away ornaments and wrestling Christmas lights off of a dry, drooping tree and back into their boxes. As frustrating as dealing with a dead tree is, it did very well--it didn't start drooping until after the new year, and we've had it since early December. All that's left is for Eric to haul it away. He may get out of fighting with the lights, but there's no way I'm attempting to move an eight foot tree on my own!

My new favorite pastime since Christmas morning is playing Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's an excellent compliment to Wii MarioKart, which I got last year for my birthday. Like MarioKart, it has a two player mode so Eric and I can play together, leaving him no excuse to deny me video game time. Learning to play this game together has been an eye-opening experience. With two players on screen, you must work together--no one can just run ahead and try to take the lead. We've successfully navigated our way into World 5, despite certain incidents that end in indignant accusations of "Hey, you just killed me!" "No way, you killed me!" The shouting is all in good fun, I promise--it's pretty funny to hear the back and forth as we struggle to free Mushroomland from the iron grip of the evil Bowser and set Princess Peach free. If things like work and productivity don't get in the way, we should bring liberty and peace to Mushroomland by the end of the month.

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