Tuesday, June 9

Kellie's Wedding

A little over a week ago, on May 30th, Eric and I were in his sister Kellie's wedding. Kellie and Jeff were married at the Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes. Unfortunately the trademark "June gloom" of southern California moved in a day or two early, and it turned out to be an overcast, chilly, misty day. Even so, the beautiful locations made for great photos. The venue from the ceremony was the Wayfarer's Chapel. It sits right on the coast and is a beautiful place no matter what the weather.

Unfortunately, I think my day of gallivanting along the coast in the chill and mist helped to run me down and opened me up to attack from a vicious rhinovirus that's been going around. The past week I have suffered from a nasty head cold. This bug made its way around the office this past week, taking out several of us. It definitely slowed me down, but I'm fighting back and believe I am on the mend. There is just something totally unfair about summer colds...

The month of June promises to be pretty uneventful. I will continue to miseducate the public as usual, and Eric will begin teaching his summer class at UCLA next week. The one anticipated event for me this month is the day school groups end. The end date is currently set for June 27th, I believe. That will indeed be a day of celebration and the beginning of a much needed break from teaching school audiences. They are in many ways the audience that takes the most energy, and the summer break is the time to recharge and recuperate before returning to the fray in early October.

Speaking of recuperation, I'm going to set aside my computer so I can make myself a comforting cup of hot tea. It's the beverage that cheers but does not inebriate, as one of my favorite literary heroes would say.

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