Wednesday, April 23

Off to ARCE

Last Saturday Eric and I attended a wedding for our friends Cindy and Oscar in Palos Verdes. It was a beautiful seaside wedding and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves very much. The weather was a bit chilly (especially after sundown) and the wind was a constant annoyance, but that's pretty typical for this time of year. It was a good reason for Eric to dress up a bit, so I made sure we had our picture taken!

Today I'm at work, waiting for this afternoon when Eric, myself, and our fellow Egyptologist and friend Krystal will hit the road to Seattle. It'll pretty much be I-5 for the entire journey north, so between that fact and the road maps from AAA I armed myself with, I feel confident we'll find our way just fine. It's hard to believe that we're driving all the way from southern California almost to Canada in just two days. Actually, it sounds kind of insane--especially given that (at least in L.A.) gas just hit over $4 a gallon. Either this road trip will turn out to be well worth the drive through a beautiful part of the country, or it will be a long and exhausting trip trapped in the car. I'm optimistic, so I'll go with the first option. If it turns out to be the second, I'll blame Eric. After all--it was HIS idea. :-)

Hopefully in spite of the conference schedule I'll find some time to post entries in the next few days, so we'll see you on the road!

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